Video Blog

During the EuCNC 2015 conference in Paris, France, we are posting a video blog of short interviews and impressions of the event. 

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Keysight Technologies at EuCNC2015


Hervé Oudin

Keysight Technologies, France


Keysight contributions to the development of 5G


Hervé Oudin

Keysight Technologies, France


Nokia's view on the imprtance of backhaul for 5G


Jyri Putkonen

Nokia Networks, Finland


Benefits of COST participation in EuCNC


Ralph Stübner

COST Association, Belgium


Views of the role of Satellite communications in 5G


Barry Evans

University of Surrey, UK


Highlights on what to expect from 5G


Alain Maloberti

Orange, France


Takeaways of keynote concerning spectrum


Lasse Wieweg

Ericsson, Sweden


A view on the schedulling of 5G


Takehiro Nakamura



Takeaways of the Panel on 5G Requirements


Angeliki Alexiou

University of Piraeus, Greece


A vision on 5G


Dipankar Raychaudhuri

WINLAB, Rudgers University, USA


The user aspects of 5G


Theodore (Tod) Sizer

Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, USA


5G, shaping the future


Mario Campolargo and Nicolas Demassieux

EC, Belgium                                           Orange Labs, France